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Lustans Double Impact

" Woody "

chovný //studdog // deckrude

nese hnedý gen/ CARRIES LIVER

  chovatel /breeder: Lustans
  majitel /owner AknelTop


                                                              Výstavy / Show: 6x Cajc, 6x CAC,Cruft"s kvalifikace 2010


Pár slov o Woodyho "rodině" :)

Tilda (SUCH Lustans Active Charmer) was a very beautiful dog and won many BOB and BOS. She also won Best In Show with her breeding group many times. I liked her very mush she also was very good in field trial, her best results was 3:rd prize in elite class. She was 12 year. In the Active-litter, who was our first, we get 3 Swedish Champions!

Tilda is the mother to Lydia (SUCH Lustans Future Ambition) and she also was a very fine dog. She also was good in field trial 1:st prize in open class.

Lustans Future Ambition

Lydia was the mother to SUCH Lustans Ambitious Bird Capture (who is the father to Red Mountain’s Capture By Lustans). He also won several shows and in field trial 2:nd prize in openclass.
He was a very nice dog with high quality as Tilda. He was easy to handle and easy to learn. He had a beautiful head with dark eye, moved very well all-around.

Troya (Red Mountain’s Capture By Lustans) is a very nice dog too. Very like her father, beautiful top line and a lovely head, nice bone constructions, moved very well from the side a bit close in behind, dark eyes.
She also is promising in field trial, now she has 1:st prize in open class and we hoped that she also get up in to elite class. That is our goal any way.

Fotografie a text  p.Karin Holmgren (Lustans)